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Permanent Makeup to Elevate Your Look

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Along with our body art, Lethal INKjection Art also provides permanent makeup for whatever you wish in the Phoenix area. This service is similar to tattooing without the intrusion of the tattoo machine. Permanent makeup is perfect if you hate the hassle of putting on your face every morning. Save time and money on expensive makeup products when you receive these high-quality tattoos today!

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During our initial meeting, we go over how the procedure is done and where you want your permanent makeup on your body. We provide tattooed eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner, areolas, and much more!

Included with each service is a topical numbing agent to make you feel more at ease. Unlike traditional tattoos, we will do this in multiple settings. This helps build up the ink to a vibrant color while not traumatizing your skin. We also go very slow to not form skin tags. The cost of sessions varies, as every skin is different.