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Over the years, tattoos have become more than a statement. They have emerged as a way to express yourself, a way to grieve, or to pay tribute to something important in your life. At Lethal INKjection Art, we understand the deep emotional ties that body art can have. This is why we offer clients in the Phoenix area truly amazing and one-of-a-kind, artistic pieces for their body, as well as permanent makeup and affordable piercings.

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When commissioning a tattoo artist, you deserve to know you will receive exactly what you want. After all, this is permanent body art. When you come to our shop, our artists always put your needs first. Larry Rios is very talented and experienced, and you will not be disappointed with the finished project he provides. If you're looking to enhance your look, Dana Rios, our permanent makeup artist has you covered.

Our pricing is the best in the area. Traditionally, tattooers will charge for their time and supplies. Here, we simply love creating body art and don't worry about the take-home amount at the end of the day. The owners strive to show this to their customers in all of the work they do. We've created a small tattoo family, focusing on providing realistic art for you. Schedule an appointment and get your piece started today.


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